About Balladeer Studio

Leo Brodie at this console
I’m Leo Brodie. I’m a performing singer/songwriter. I created Balladeer Studio specifically for my fellow songwriters, to capture great recordings of them playing and singing straight from the heart.

The studio is a comfortable, cozy room in the basement of my home. By “cozy,” I mean small. It’s not a space for bands or large ensembles. Instead of a large room with dozens of microphones and a huge console, I’ve invested in a small set of superb microphones and preamps selected especially for vocals, guitar, and acoustic piano. Of course I also use pro-quality interfaces, DAW, and acoustic treatment. The resulting setup is perfect for superb sounding, intimate recordings. And the low overhead lets me charge fees that are affordable for songwriters.

It’s important to me to create a safe, relaxed environment where artists can dig into their performance. By the time we record, the technical stuff is already handled, so I can put my full attention on you and on what story your song is trying to tell. I gives me great joy when my customers leave with a recording of their creation captured in the best light possible.

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