Stephan Plummer
Stephan Plummer recording "Good So Bad - Reply" (June 2021)

Audrey Goodman
Audrey Goodman recording "To The Sky" (February-March 2019)

Dan Schneider
Dan Schneider tracking four original tunes with vocal, guitar and harmonica live (without overdubs or edits) (January 2019)

Micki on piano
Micki Suzuki recording the piano track for her original "Season of Kindness" (January 2019)

Micki lead vocal
Micki singing lead vocal on "Season of Kindness" (January 2019)

Emma S
Emma S. recording a beautiful Joni Mitchell cover (November 2019)

Live recording of James Howard concert
Live tracking of James Howard live concert (November 2019)

Carmen Zullo tracking
Carmen Zullo tracking his original song A Love That's Aligned with the Stars (October 2019)

Rack gear
Killer preamps and solid interfaces

Lisa Craze at the studio
Lisa Craze dropped by to record her original A Path Where I Belong August 2019)

Steve F in the studio
Steve F. tracking his original song Fire in the Rain (April 2019)

Yamaha U3
Yamaha U3 52" Acoustic Upright Piano

James Howard tracking
James Howard tracking his original song Floating (December 2018)

Captain Nobody tracking
Remote recording of Captain Nobody tracking their original song Not A Great Romancer (November 2018)

Leo with Eddie Watkins Jr
Great rehearsal for Eddie Watkins Jr.'s concert (November 2017)

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