Recording Remotely with Balladeer Studio

VST Connect Pro session window

Want to record with a pro engineer, but can't come into a studio? Now you can record from your own home or rehearsal space while joining me in my studio for a remote recording session over the Internet.

My studio is equipped to conduct remote sessions with the same audio fidelity as recording in the same room. It's just like being on opposite sides of the control room window. We can see and hear each other, and you can hear playback of previous tracks while you perform over them. Special software keeps everything in synch. After the take, the system copies full-resolution audio from your side into my system.

  • If you're a singer and want to record a piano-based ballad, I can play my beautiful-sounding acoustic piano and use the perfect mics and preamps to record it in stereo. Then you can sing over the accompaniment. Add harmony and backup vocals if you want, and even punch in to correct a mistake.
  • If you're a singer/guitarist, we can record you playing both parts, either at the same time or separately.
  • If you have an electronic keyboard, you can send the line outputs (audio), or even send the MIDI output so that it can play back using any of the many virtual instruments I have on hand.

For additional parts, I can either sequence virtual instruments such as drums and bass, or we can invite other musicians to record their parts remotely, with you listening in on the session. The possibilities are endless. All the tracks are recorded in my digital audio workstation, where I can then edit and mix as usual.

The software for your side of the session is free and easy to install on your Windows or Mac computer (the iPad version is $4.95). Using webcams, we'll be able to see and hear each other.

The "catch" is that you need a decent microphone, audio interface, and mic preamp. If you already own them, you're all set. Otherwise, I can send you a remote recording kit with everything you need, depending on your project.

You may ask: "What's the benefit, when I can just record myself at home?" I'll guide you through setup and then manage the technical aspects, leaving you to concentrate on your song and performance. I apply all my experience to capture sounds in a way that will blend well, and I'm expert at mixing as well. I can also offer support and encouragement and act as an extra pair of ears. Collaborating can be more productive and more fun.

Contact me and let me know what you have in mind.

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