Studio Recording Examples


I recorded and mixed this track for singer/songwriter Lisa Craze. I also accompanied on piano.

Comment to Lisa on her track:

I recorded and mixed two tracks for an album of original songs for acoustic guitar by James Howard. This track is called "Floating".

I recorded and mixed Steve Fortin's "Fire In The Rain".


I is currently producing, recording and mixing tracks for an upcoming album by powerhouse singer/songwriter Calleaghn Kinnamon. This uplifting song is called "More Spirit More Life". Calleaghn wrote the song, sings and plays guitar. The other instruments were added by me.

Native American flute

I recorded and mixed the album "Along The Way" featuring flute solos by Monica Sicard. This track is called Awaken.


"Not a Great Romancer" by Captain Nobody. This is their original song and arrangement. I recorded and mixed.


"My Shelter" is a sweet original written and performed by Coy Van Meter. The raw tracks were recorded at The Project Room Recording Studio in Nashville; I mixed and added the fiddle and bass accompaniment using virtual instruments.


I also produce my own albums. This song is from one of my self-produced albums. I wrote, performed, recorded, and mixed this recording.

Electronic remix

I flipped a track from one of my favorite albums by Snarky Puppy, using a lot of effects common to the trap/electronica world.